Monday, May 29, 2017


Chai, Autumn 2017
I ran into Chai in a club at 6am as it was closing up, we had met a house party in Sydney a year prior before he moved to Melbourne. He was living temporarily in Fitzroy in a cheap room he had found on Gumtree, and it turned out to be a spare room in a Thai massage parlour which provided happy endings. The shop was open every day from 10am, one of the walls in Chai's room was floor to ceiling glass, blacked out but only in the middle, and you could see the customers shoes as they walked down the hallway past his room. The workers were shy and didn't question our impromptu photo shoot in their workplace.



Melbourne, Autumn 2017
Sydney was stormy and stagnant so I switched homes with a friend in Collingwood and flew south to catch a few rays of sunshine.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Phi Phi II



Koh Phi Phi, Summer 2016
Miss Rosie Reed and I went to the Phi Phi islands and met a lot of cats. We took a longboat out to the beach and the captain pulled out a handmade bamboo bong and cut up some Thai brick weed with the pineapple knife.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Full Moon Party


Koh Phangan, Summer 2016
Shroom shakes on Magic Mountain at the Full Moon Party, which was actually just a lot of people getting messy on a beach with fiery displays, cheap buckets of alcohol and tattoo parlours open 24/7. I took the ferry alone from Koh Samui with a backpack and no accommodation plans and ended up having to stay up all night sober for the first ferry back, and witnessed the vomit-splattered horror that was the end of the party.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Thailand II

Phuket, Summer 2016
I met a girl on Tinder who I'd seen in a documentary before. We went out to Bangla Road with her boyfriend and housemates, all Americans teaching English in Thailand. We were mobbed by street promoters and talked into sports bars, ice bars, girl bars... I rode around on the back of their scooters, flying through the picturesque winding hills and valleys of the island. The next morning we visited a rasta bar overlooking the ocean before spending the afternoon at a quiet beach smoking a joint and eating street food. In the taxi to the ferry wharf, our driver decided to bring his entire family along for a day trip, so we ate snacks from 7/11 with his wife and daughters.